So here goes... The dreaded first post!

I have probably written this post about 1000 times in my head, but like so many others who have never blogged before the same old questions stopped me from writing it. What the hell do I say? what would people be interested in? will anyone even read it? Can I say anything funny or witty enough to keep people interested (probably not)?

I have decided to just go with a few explanations of what topics I plan to cover on this blog.

Programming (mostly .NET)##

I have been writing code for around 15 years in one form or another and although my 'role' has varied from Tinkerer to ICT Support to Lance Corporal to Developer to Business Owner to Business Development. I have always kept coding at the core of my skill set. Mostly because I enjoy it!

Internet / Websites##

The majority of work I do revolves around websites, whether that is building them for myself or someone else. I love the web and the potential it provides anyone that can master the art of delivering a site.

Business & Customers##

All this talk of systems and software are all great but I don't like building anything without a purpose!


To no-one's surprise, I like a bit of tech!


A recent(ish) love of mine (since 2010) has been running. I purchased the kit, entered the races, entered longer races and now it's getting a little out of control.

So there we have it, my first post done and dusted.