I had never heard of the phrase “the new rich” before the other day until I came across "The New Rich" by David Moore.

Now I am not really one that reads many books but after reading his site (www.thenewrich.com) my intrigue was peaked, especially as someone that had previously “escaped the job” to start my own business.

What is it##

The book begins by explaining what the term “the new rich” means and it’s origin. It then goes on to to give some practical advice on what you need to do to take that leap to starting a business, not in a ‘check list’ type method but by helping you get into the right mind set to start a business.

The book is contains interviews with some business leaders and entrepreneurs giving you some insight into how they made it. I found these particularly interesting.

For someone thinking of starting their own business I think this book is a great read, the book does not try to give you all the answers on how to start a business, but more importantly it gives you the tools and inspiration to answer the difficult questions yourself.

You can get the book from www.thenewrich.com